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Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day

The month of February is the month of love and more specifically February 14 is the day of lovers or from our point of view the Day of love and friendship. The important thing about this celebration is to highlight the love we have for someone close to us, be it marriage, family or friends. Lovers expect to receive gifts, poems and love phrases is also the day with the highest marriage proposals in the world. Despite its commercial belief, the origin of Valentine makes us move to another century, it is very old, in case you are interested in the story keep reading What is the origin of this celebration? Who was Valentine and why is the Fourteenth of February celebrated?

Best Love Quotes images

Dedicating a poem is an act of love with a romantic touch, it is a unique detail and it will feel special to the person you love the most.

In this list you can find the best selection of love poetry for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, A wide variety of verses and beautiful phrases to dedicate to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any type of occasion.

Anniversary Cards

It is important to always Accompany your gift with a love card, we have a wide variety of original and creative Valentine’s Day card designs, labels, templates and postcards with beautiful phrases that you can download totally free, Happy Valentine’s Day for Everyone, February 14 is the best day of the year to tell your partner, family and friends how much you love them. Send cards to everyone and you will touch their hearts.

Printable Valentine Cards

Children are always very curious and they will ask us and make thousands of queries about Valentine’s Day. Why? The most recommendable thing is to say that love and friendship are celebrated and it is a good opportunity to give your loved ones (parents, grandparents, friends) something that you have done with love.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Find the most tender, ingenious, creative and original gifts, the best ideas always thinking about what your partner is passionate about, we always have to go further and surprise with something different on our list we have gifts for women and men.

what can i do for him on valentine’s day?

Always a personalized gift that was made with our hands gives it a special touch and it is those little details that add up, that is why we propose a series of easy and simple ideas that you can do for February 14 and surprise your partner.

Best Valentine’s Day Decor and DIY images

Everything enters through the eyes and setting your house in a romantic way is going to generate an atmosphere that is to say a more beautiful and pleasant environment if you follow our advice it will be an easy task and you will create a unique environment for your partner.

This is a perfect section for the romantics of the world, If you are one of those people who like to have beautiful, special, creative and original details with your husband, wife, lover or in love here you will find the best phrases, messages, thoughts and reflections of love.

Choose, from our Collection of original cards to print for free, the idea that you like the most and send it by mail, email, whatsapp or by any social network to your loved one. You can choose between several and beautiful designs. happy Valentines Day! The Best Ideas For Valentine Cards. You can also print the card with some type of decorative paper and make them by hand, add some crafts and give it a special touch.

Valentine’s Day February 14 is the date indicated for a card, letter, template or label where you can declare your love to your partner. Nothing more beautiful and romantic to include phrases, messages or poems.

Many times we do not know how to express what we feel and the quotes images will help us to make our partner, boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love, they are beautiful and special, remember that it is always important to demonstrate what we feel.

The biggest feast of February, is celebrated on February 14 in many countries such as the United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, France etc. Like the international day of lovers and friendship.

The date has different connotations in each country and not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day the same day, let’s see some examples:

In Brazil it is celebrated on June 12 and not only does the day change but also the saint, since it is in memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, even so the meaning is the same.

In Bolivia it is celebrated on September 21 and it is known as Day of Love and Friendship.

In Colombia it is celebrated on the third Saturday of September and it is known as the Day of Love and Friendship.

In Japan it is celebrated on February 14 but the concept is very different from the rest of the countries, since the tradition is that women give chocolates to all men and then on March 14 called White Day men give women with White chocolates that is to say have a kind of double Valentine’s Day.