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Valentine’s day

History of Valentine’s Day

It is a religious holiday in order to understand it we have to go back to the 3rd century in Rome in commemoration of a priest sentenced to death for secretly marrying or blessing couples in love. When is Valentine? What a day? It is celebrated every February 14 and is also known as Love and Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Who was Valentine?

Valentine was a priest, a Catholic doctor who served in Rome who opposed and revealed at the order of Emperor Claudius II, who decided to prohibit young couples from marrying, since he needed to recruit many soldiers and considered marriage an obstacle, since men Married couples paid less in combat because they were romantically linked to their families.

Valentine became famous for secretly uniting many couples who were in love upon learning the emperor sentenced him to death on February 14, 270, hence the origin of the date that we all know today. The meaning is deeper is the priest’s sacrifice for love and is considered the patron saint of Lovers.

The first Valentine’s Day was celebrated on February 14, 494, it is the first record that is held and comes from the Catholic Church and remained the same until 1969 when Pope Paul IV stopped celebrating it, during the Second Vatican Council it was removed from the liturgical calendar. As the years go by, Valentine’s Day gets stronger in the world.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

The biggest feast of February, is celebrated on February fourteen in many countries such as the United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, France etc. Like the international day of lovers and friendship.

The date has different connotations in each country and not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day the same day, let’s see some examples:

In Brazil it is celebrated on June 12 and not only does the day change but also the saint, since it is in memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, even so the meaning is the same.

In Bolivia it is celebrated on September 21 and it is known as Day of Love and Friendship.

In Colombia it is celebrated on the third Saturday of September and it is known as the Day of Love and Friendship

In Japan it is celebrated on February 14 but the concept is very different from the rest of the countries, since the tradition is that women give chocolates to all men and then on March 14 called White Day men give women with White chocolates that is to say have a kind of double Valentine’s Day.

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